Coronavirus: New Zealand to stay at alert level 2

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Friday, 4 September 2020, 1:10PM

The Prime Minister has revealed that New Zealand will stay at alert level 2 and Auckland at alert level 2.5.

Cabinet will review the alert levels again on Monday 14 September, when they will decide whether to adjust them at 11.59pm on Wednesday 16 September.

It comes as Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield revealed there are five new cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand, with three cases in the community.

Ardern said the Auckland cluster remains contained and there is no evidence it needs to move back to level 3.

Auckland is currently at a tighter level 2.

Mass gatherings are restricted to 10 people and a 50-person limit would is in place for funerals and tangi.

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Ardern reminded New Zealanders masks were mandatory on public transport and planes and encouraged in public places in Auckland.

Cabinet met today and took into account the advice of Bloomfield.

The factors Cabinet considered included the number of new cases, the types of cases including those unconnected to the current cluster, the capacity of the contact-tracing regime and the health system, economic impacts and the levels of public compliance.

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