Elton John teams up with the Gorillaz for new single 'The Pink Phantom'

Publish Date
Monday, 5 October 2020, 5:45PM

This year, Sir Elton John has been pleasantly surprising fans with his musical collaborations.

After first teaming up with Lady Gaga and then an American duo called Surfaces, the 'Tiny Dancer' hitmaker is back with another new track!

This time, the 73-year-old has joined forces with alternative band Gorillaz for the single, 'The Pink Phantom' - and it's a totally new style for the Rocketman.

The Gorillaz - who are a "virtual" group created in 1998 by Blur frontman Damon Albarn and visual artist Jamie Hewlett - also dropped a music video to go with the new song, featuring a cartoon version of Sir Elton in the style of the Gorillaz animation.

Taking to social media to explain how the song came about, Elton said: "I've always been a Gorillaz fan so when Damon reached out and asked me to get involved it was a no-brainer. The way the song turned out is just great."

He added: "Even working remotely (I was in London and he was in Devon), collaborating with Damon on this was such an engaging and creative process. I’m very, very happy this came about and I hope you enjoy the track."