Meet the six of the women hoping to woo Sol3 Mio's Moses Mackay on the Bachelor NZ

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Friday, 19 February 2021, 9:08AM

Moses Mackay of Sol3 Mio fame will be dishing out roses in the hope he meets someone special on the new season of The Bachelor NZ and it is now time to meet six of the women who will be vying for his heart...

Luisa (Lou) Kures

Age: 31
Occupation: Content Creator

Luisa (Lou) Kures. Photo / Supplied

After losing her partner in a car accident four years ago, Kures is ready to open her heart again and hopes to find love once more on The Bachelor.

A hopeless romantic and believer in love at first sight, Kures signed up for The Bachelor as she felt it "was time to do something for myself and see if I can open my heart up again".

Kures is family-oriented and admits to having invited her cousins, sisters and brothers along on her dates in the past.

Without her family by her side, Kures may be a little less confident, but she is sure of one thing, good conversation.

Samantha McKenzie

Age: 29
Occupation: Recruitment Specialist

Samantha McKenzie. Photo / Supplied

Her perfect man is respectful and knows just the right balance between life with the lads and life with his partner. Will Mackay appreciate the clear boundaries laid out by this New Plymouth belle?

With a clear idea of what she does and doesn't want, McKenzie confesses that she has "never been on a dating app" and her favourite party trick is "leaving early and going to bed".

As a lover of pop music like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber, McKenzie and Mackay, who is rather savvy about the whole music thing, will probably have a lot to talk about.

Shenae Connelly

Age: 27
Occupation: Marketing Adviser

Shenae Connelly. Photo / Supplied

Hoping to find that special someone who will be up for an adventure with her, Connelly enters The Bachelor looking for a "best friend and partner".

Having been single "for a while", Connelly admits that appearing on The Bachelor is "stepping out of my comfort zone," but she brings an endearing positivity to the show.

"It would be epic to leave this experience with some lifelong friendships – with or without the bachelor! ... But with the bachelor would be nice."

If Mackay wants to impress Connelly he may want to spring for dessert, the key to her heart very well could lie in satisfying her "obsession" for cake and ice cream.

Kimi-Rose Webster

Age: 27
Occupation: High School English Teacher

Kimi-Rose Webster. Photo / Supplied

The chance of finding love on a reality show was a challenge that Webster felt she couldn't pass up.

The Auckland-based schoolteacher doesn't plan to stay that way for long, Auckland-based that is. Webster has plans to move overseas with a man she can laugh with, when she finds him.

With a talent for "talking to strangers like we are old mates before I've finished my first glass of pinot gris," Webster will likely have no trouble finding something to say to Mackay when they meet.

With a "you only live once" attitude, Webster is not afraid to take risks, having moved to London by herself several years ago, when a long-term relationship ended for her here in NZ.

Kayla Anderson

Age: 27
Occupation: Self Love Coach

Kayla Anderson. Photo / Supplied

Having spent the last few years "dating herself", Anderson believes she is ready to step out and date ... someone else.

After going through a process of healing at the end of a long relationship, Anderson feels she is finally "ready to share my life with someone".

Openly admitting to being "happy in my own company", Anderson hopes that her experience on The Bachelor will be "an incredible journey of growth for me".

Looking for a man who "wears his heart on his sleeve," Mackay's sensitive musical side may be just what this Self Love Coach is looking for.

Negin (Negs ) Shademan

Age: 26
Occupation: Police Officer

Negin (Negs ) Shademan. Photo / Supplied

Auckland-based Shademan is ready for love. Hoping to find someone she can "settle down with and start a family", Shademan is looking for a man with whom she has "great banter and humour".

Having been single for longer than she would like, Shademan hopes The Bachelor will provide her with the kind of spontaneous love her parents shared.