Queen + Adam Lambert share video of 'The Show Must Go On' from upcoming concert film

Publish Date
Sunday, 30 August 2020, 11:18AM

The eagerly awaited concert film of Queen + Adam Lambert is set to be released early next week, however, the crew has released an early snippet from Live Around The World on Youtube. 

The concert film will feature a selection of songs recorded from over 6 years of Queen + Adam Lambert show footage. 

Featured in the sneak preview is 'The Show Must Go On' recorded from London's O2 Arena on July 4th, 2016. 

The song originally appeared on Queen’s 1991 LP Innuendo, which was released just months before Freddie Mercury died. “Even though we were all aware of Freddie’s impending tragedy, we had some inspired and joyful times in the studio, making the Innuendo album,” Queen guitarist Brian May said in a statement. ” We didn’t speak much about Freddie’s illness — he just wanted to get on with ‘business as usual’ as far as possible.”

“But already there was only a day or two per week when Freddie was well enough to come in and work with us,” he continues. “We grabbed those precious moments and made the most of them. I’d been working on ‘The Show Must Go On’ as an idea, but I was uncertain whether the title was too obvious. Freddie heard it and loved it and dismissed any thoughts that there was a problem with the chorus or the title. He wanted to work on it.”