These bizarre tricks will keep your plants alive and thriving

Publish Date
Friday, 17 April 2020, 12:38PM

Australian plant stylist Emma Sadie Thomson has revealed her bizarre hacks to keep your plants looking as great as ever! 

In an interview with Broadsheet, she detailed a few tricks of the trade to either restore your plants to their former glory, or to just keep them alive and kicking. 

A few of these are listed below.

1. “Try giving your plants a drink of soda water once a week, or the (cooled) water you have boiled your eggs in. Both have nutrient-filled minerals that are good for plants.”

Studies have shown that carbonated water makes plants grow faster, and green plants grow greener. Sparkling water contains dissolved nutrients that are easily absorbed by the plant's root system. Nutrients in sparkling water can include magnesium, calcium, and oxygen among others. 

2. “Cold leftover brewed black tea is a great addition to your watering can, or work wet tea-leaves into soil to give plants a lush look."

Used tea grounds and fresh tea leaves will give your soil a much-needed boost. The nutrients and tannic acid infused in the blend will create a more fertile environment for your potted plants and gardens. Increased oxygenation for your plants will increase strength in their root systems, which certainly is a good thing!