Tips to conserve your petrol that'll save you a lot of money

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Thursday, 15 June 2017, 1:50PM
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Bless the Internet, they come with some real random things at times, attack celebrities but at times of glory, come in with some real gems, some diamonds in the rough so to speak.

Just like this, where people have given us quality advice on how to save fuel as well as debunking some common myths surrounding he topic.

First of all, some myths surrounding driving that are nothing more than myths; the tactic of putting your car in neutral whilst driving doesn't actually do much.

Thanks to smart people who make things better for us average minded people, fuel injectors consume less while your coasting anyways, plus it's safer to have in in gear in case the brakes fail.

Also, smaller cars don't always mean cheaper gas. It comes back to the same idea of modern technology having better engine advancements, low resistance tyres, aerodynamics and of course efficient transmissions. 

So what could you do to keep gas in the car and money in the pocket, apparently any of these will do the trick:

1. Lightening the load of the car means less work for the engine, maybe think twice about chucking on the massive speakers that weigh a tonne.

2. Consider using premium gas as opposed to regular old 91.  High-quality petrol takes longer to burn, plus your car will love you for it!

3. Goes without saying, but driving slower helps, quick bursts of acceleration and unnecessary speeding definitely makes the car a lot hungrier.

4. Get your tyre pressure right, lower pressure means more work which equals more petrol.

5. Finally, although it might cost a bit at the time, keep the cars in top condition, saves you at the end.