Woman goes viral with her adorable euphoric reaction to seeing Elton John live in concert

Publish Date
Thursday, 14 April 2022, 3:56PM

Sir Elton John sure knows how to touch the soul.

But one woman was sent over the moon by the Rocket Man himself at his recent North American concert ...

Capture on film, the mother experienced complete euphoria as the 'Tiny Dancer' singer took to the stage.


When you take you mom to see Elton John

♬ Bennie And The Jets - Remastered - Elton John

Staring at the stage with her mouth slightly ajar, she refuses to break eye contact with whatever's happening on stage while the audience can be heard cheering around her.

When the lights change, signalling John's entrance, the woman completely loses her cool and lets out a long, excited scream.

Posting the adorable video of her mum to TikTok, Aubrey Warmouth captioned the footage: "When you take your mom to see Elton John."

Unsurprisingly, the video has been viewed more than five million times, with users describing the moment as "precious".