Anne Hergerty reveals all the secrets from behind the scenes of 'The Chase' to Jason!

Publish Date
Monday, 20 August 2018, 4:20PM

She's known on the hit show as 'The Governess' and 'Frosty Knickers', but she wanted Jason to simply call her Anne when she stopped by the studio this morning.

After clearing the name situation up, Jase got right into the juicy stuff and asked her about the questionable remark that she made about handcuffs on the show not long ago.


"We do have a writer sitting with us" Anne revealed, "obviously he gives me an option, and that one would've been the one I picked."

As well as asking her about her famous quizzing past, Jason delved into Anne's history on stage, and if she gets nervous before performances on The Chase.

"I honestly don't, I never have done, it's just that I think that I know what I'm doing." she confidently replied.

Jason followed this up by asking her about the question that SHE gets asked the most.

"Is Bradley as nice as he looks? Yes he is, he is actually delightful!" 

"Is it all rigged, are you cheating? No, go away, never come back again please."

Listen to the whole interview above!