Anne Tenney from The Castle opens up about the strangest fan that she has encountered

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Thursday, 8 November 2018, 8:42AM

Anne Tenney is known for a number of roles throughout her career including Molly in A Country Practice, Liz in Always Greener, and her most iconic - Sal Kerrigan from The Castle.

Just last year, that iconic Australian movie turned 20, and the cast had a reunion to celebrate.

"We had our 20-year anniversary with the whole group down in Melbourne," Anne said.

Anne then revealed how impressed she was that almost the whole cast managed to make the anniversary.

"Do you get people coming up to you and quoting parts of the movie?" Jason asked.

"Yeah, I was working my daughter's canteen at school and this English guy came in, recognised me, and just started quoting the whole show!" Anne replied, "He just went, blah blah blah blah, people just love it!"


Jason then asked Anne if they served Sal's iconic rissoles in the canteen that she worked.

"I don't think that we called them rissoles," Anne replied.

After Anne confirmed that they sold sponge cake there, Jason's inner fanboy was satisfied.

The two then went on to recreate this iconic scene from the movie, in which Anne gave Jason chills with her convincing Sal Kerrigan performance.

Watch the whole interview above!