Jason and Bernadine swap their romantic proposal stories

Publish Date
Wednesday, 21 November 2018, 3:17PM

After an Auckland woman plucked up the courage to publically propose to her boyfriend using a billboard in Grey Lynn, Jason and Bernadine got onto the topic of proposals.

While Jason was a fan of the public proposal, Bernie appreciated the fact that the woman proposed to her boyfriend, but the way she went about it was ridiculous. 

The two then got onto the topic of their very own proposals and how they came about.

After Jason persuaded Bernadine to finally open up about hers she simply said: "Uhh, he said 'will you?' I said ' yes' end of story."

Not satisfied by Bernadine's story Jason asked: "Is that it?!" 

"Ok, look it nearly didn't happen," Bernadine continued, "Because I had finished an early breakfast shift, I was tired; he said 'let's go up north to one of the beaches,'"

Considering how tired she was, the thought of driving on a windy road for a couple of hours was the last thing that she wanted to do, but begrudgingly, she went along.

Once the two eventually got to the beach, things didn't get any better as Bernadine had a lie-down, and went to sleep.

"And that's not good when you're catching flies, dribbling, because all the sand was stuck to my face," Bernadine said.

She went on to describe how hours passed before her then-boyfriend proposed and it "wasn't overly romantic."


Jason then started to explain his proposal, which sounded a little different to his co-host's. 

He first explained how there was a beach walk that his then-girlfriend and her family always used to use, and how he had gotten a ring made for the occasion.

"So I took her to the beach walk, and it was a beautifully hot day, but I had a jacket on," Jason said, "she asked, 'Why have you got a jacket on?', oh it might rain - there wasn't a single cloud in the sky."


It turns out that Jason was wearing the jacket to hide the ring, but could put it in a normal pocket as it was too big.

Jason then went on to explain how after he got down on one knee, a group of tourists started heading in their direction, so they had to wrap it up quickly.

When comparing the two stories, it's clear who had the more romantic proposal, but who had the most memorable?