Jason hilariously gets caught out on 'national men cook dinner' day

Publish Date
Thursday, 1 November 2018, 4:49PM

A recent survey that was done by Daily Mail UK showed that one in ten men in relationships tackle the washing, while one in five men in relationships cook every night of the week.

That's 20% of modern men that are cooking for their partners, but is this enough? 

Considering that there is a 'Men cook dinner day' every year on the first of November, obviously not. 

"What an insult!" Jason stated as he introduced the outrage of a day.

"There we go, there is a national broadcast to all the men out there, head out to the supermarket and cook your lovlies a dinner," Bernadine replied with.


When Jason continued to argue that is day was an outrage, Bernadine asked if he regularly steps into the kitchen or not, "Yes, regularly - I may not be the best but I give it a go!" Jason said.

After revealing that his go-to dish was a spag bol that "will make you weep" Bernadine decided to see how much of the truth Jason was really telling.  

"Good morning Louise - Louise Reeves," Bernadine opened with.

"Yeah it's not really something that happens in this household," Louise revealed to a not-very-shocked Bernadine.

Jason defended himself by saying explaining that it does happen more than once, "Yeah sometimes I might able to convince you to put something on the barbie," Louise said. 

So maybe having a day dedicated to it isn't such a bad thing after all...

What about your household?