Jason Reeves and Bernadine Oliver-Kerby put The Chase star Paul Sinha to the test to see whether he's a "Saint or a Sinha"

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Friday, 3 May 2019, 6:26PM

Coast was lucky enough to have Paul Sinha from The Chase stop by the studio today.

The "Sinnerman" – who is currently in Aotearoa for the New Zealand International Comedy Festival – is set to perform live in Auckland and Wellington.

Ahead of his shows, Jase and Bernie decided to put Paul to the test in a game of "Saint or a Sinha."

Asking him a series of questions, Jase wanted to know how the 48-year-old TV star would react in certain situations.

First up they asked: "You go to a restaurant, you give them some money and they give you back the change, but they give you too much change. Do you say something or not?"

Find out how the Chaser answered above!

During their chat, Paul also opened up about his "ill-fated" first trip to New Zealand involving Guinness in 2001.

Get all the information about the dates and times of his comedy shows at comedyfestival.co.nz.