Jason Reeves' hilarious first conversation with a vasectomy doctor

Publish Date
Monday, 29 October 2018, 3:46PM

It's a topic that no man wants to talk about, and our very own Jason Reeves is in that same boat.

He has finally overcome his fear and decided to call a vasectomy doctor for the first time to get an idea as to actually happens down at the practice. 

Speaking to Dr. Snook from The Snip Clinic, Jason sheepishly opened the conversation up with "Can you tell me about how the name came about?"

After working that one out for himself Jason asked "Do a lot of people come through your doors?"

Dr. Snook reveals that they have close to 2,500 men come through each year to Jason's delight.


Jason then asks about how they deal with their client's nerves, "I think it's just putting people at ease really, this is quite a minor procedure in terms of what is happening to you, it's not a major event," Snook said.

"IT'S PRETTY MAJOR!" Jason responded.

The three then go into whether it's the husband's or the wives that usually lead the vasectomy charge.

Watch the full conversation above!