Jason talks Jay Laga'aia about how badly things actually go wrong on stage

Publish Date
Tuesday, 25 September 2018, 12:07PM

Jay Laga'aia has quite the impressive back catalog including multiple Star Wars films, but he didn't come in to talk to Jason about lightsabers.

Jay is starring in an award-winning play called 'Peter Pan Goes Wrong' which opens in New Zealand at the end of October. 

When he stopped by the studio this morning Jason made sure to ask him how things actually go wrong during the play.

"The concept is hilarious, just imagine that high school show that you go to see, and out of the 20 cast, two of them are really good," Jay says.

"But the rest are rubbish," he continues, "and those two aren't your children." 


Make sure to listen to the whole chat above!