Jodie Whittaker reveals the story behind her special connection with New Zealand

Publish Date
Tuesday, 9 October 2018, 3:57PM

She is the first female Dr. Who, she uses George Clooney's name as a code word, and she has a very special connection to little old New Zealand.

These were just a few of the topics that Jason covered when he spoke to Jodie Whittaker about her new role on Dr. Who this morning.


When asked about her middle name 'Auckland' Jodie said that she hadn't looked back far enough into her family's history to see where it had come from, but is pretty sure that it came from our city.

"It's my mum's maiden name, and we haven't done enough research to know why," Jodie joked.

"I presume it's after the city, we spell it the same, and when I was traveling there when I was younger I was very excited to see my name plastered everywhere, it was brilliant," she continued.

Jodie revealed that she had been backpacking here when she was just 18 but hasn't returned since.

"I unfortunately haven't been back, but I would love to," Jodie revealed 

We hope you come back as well Jodie!