Laying Toilet Paper On The Toilet Seat To 'Keep It Clean' Actually Makes It WORSE!

Publish Date
Thursday, 27 October 2016, 11:53AM

We've all tried to be extra cautious with germs by covering the toilet seat with toilet paper right? Well, apparently you're not helping yourself.

Public toilets are gross and some people can't stand sitting straight on them. But Dr. William Schaffer, a professor of preventative medicine, has explained to Huffington Post that a bare seat is cleaner than toilet paper.

Apparently, the materials used to make the seat are designed to prevent the spread of germs.

“Toilet seats are not a vehicle for the transmission of any infectious agents – you won’t catch anything”

On the other hand, toilet paper is designed to grab bacteria. Flushing the toilet lifts bacteria into the air and it goes on what is around it...the paper included.

It’s also more likely that people are putting their hands all over the toilet roll than the seat… and hands are filled with bacteria.