Teacher Writes Inspiring Note To Students Regarding The Truth About Exams

Publish Date
Monday, 23 May 2016, 9:48AM

This teacher just proved that sometimes failure can be the best lesson!

Abi Elphinstone posted this photo to her Facebook page, showing kids that even adults can "fail" at the exams and there's more to life than results on paper!

Elphinstone went on to say that despite working for and within the system, she cannot agree with the current English SAT exams.

“It contains irrelevant and obscure information that does little to enrich a child’s learning,” she said.

“Kids, you don’t need to know what a modal verb or a subordinating conjunctive is to where you want to go in life,” the message read.

“You need ideas and passion – so go on adventures, dream big and don’t worry about your SATs scores.”