The Best Sounds in the World.

Publish Date
Thursday, 14 June 2018, 10:06AM

This morning on the show Jason and Bernadine revealed what has been proven to be the best sound in the world. 

Bernadine's two top picks were the sound of 'Welcome to Hawaii' coming over the speaker of a plane and the sizzling of bacon, however they don't quite make the list.

10. A netball/basketball going through the Hoop

There's something pretty nice about the sound of a ball swishing through the hoop. Especially if you're the one that got it in!

 9. Pop of a Bottle

A Pop of a Bottle usually means it's celebration time or that it's a Friday, and we can't think of anything better than a Friday.

8. Horses walking on a Road

A sound you won't find much around town but this one really takes you to the country. 

7. Golf Ball in the Hole

Whether it's on the course or at a 'friendly' game of mini golf, there is nothing better than hearing your ball land in the hole. 

6. Stepping in Fresh Snow 

If your lucky enough to live in a place that gets the odd bit of Snow, you'll know that crisp crunch sound well.

5. The Ding of an Airplane when it lands

Bernadine wasn't far off in the end! Whether you're happy you're finally safely on the ground or just glad to be in your destination, this sound always brings a good feeling.

4. Birds chirping in the morning

Jason and Bernadine both agreed that this one should be up there on the list and it certainly is one of the nicest sounds to wake up to.

3. Rain on a Roof

One of the nicest things about stormy weather is falling asleep to Rain on your window and roof. Hearing this just makes us want to cuddle up!

2. Babies laughing

If Babies laughing doesn't bring an instant smile to your face, we don't know what will.

1. Fir Crackling.

The sound of a fire crackling instantly takes us to the best part of winter, snuggled up next to a fire. This sound instantly makes us feel warm and cosey!