The top ten most beautiful countries in the world

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018, 2:57PM

This morning on the show Jase and Bernadine revealed the top 10 most beautiful countries in the world. polled their readers, and out of 195 countries in the world, these were the top 10.

They had differing opinions on a few countries, and Bernadine spotted a trend with a few of them being "bloody cold".

10. Wales

When it comes to beautiful sights, Wales has a lot to offer the world. From towering castles, lush forests, and beautiful mountains it's certainly a stunning country!

Crib Goch in the early morning light.

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9. USA  

This might come as a surprise to some, but the mighty United States of America has some sights to behold. Yosemite and Grand Canyon National park are just a couple of amazing examples.

8.  Iceland

If you can bare the below-freezing temperatures that this Nordic beauty experiences you'll be in for a treat.

7. England

Bernadine wasn't wrong when she said that it's cold. But it's also very beautiful.

6. Indonesia

Between the lush rice paddies, the massive volcanoes, and the beautiful beaches, this tropical Asian paradise deserves its spot on the list.

5. South Africa

It is the only African country to make the list, but this massive chunk of Earth has everything you'll ever need in a beautiful country - amazing wildlife, stunning beaches, massive mountains, and picturesque plains.

4. Italy

As Bernadine said "Bella beautiful", there's absolutely no question as to whether this European country deserves its spot on the list.

3. Canada

Falling just behind us in the rankings comes America's chilly neighbour. The Rocky Mountains alone have put this amazing country at number three.

2. New Zealand

Here we are! And as Jase said, we are all surprised that we didn't actually make the top spot.

1. Scotland

It's a personal favourite for Jase, and for good reason. The show 'Vikings' was actually filmed in Scotland due to its resemblance to Sweden where it is set.