The Worst Airline in the World

Publish Date
Thursday, 8 October 2015, 8:48AM

This North Korean state-owned carrier is the only airline to receive a 1 star overall rating from Skytrax airline rating system.

That easily puts Air Koryo in the #1 spot for worst airline for product and customer service in the world.

The amount of extremely poor 1 and 2 star ratings in the Skytrax categories are too numerous to name but here’s just a few all with the lowest ranking of 1 star:

  • Check-in service
  • Transfer service
  • Arrival assistance
  • Comfort
  • Language skills
  • Staff response to request

Air Koryo was also banned from flying within the EU in 2006 due to safety and maintenance concerns.

In 2010 they were allowed to fly certain Tu-204s aircraft into the EU after improved safety features, however all other aircraft in the company’s fleet remain banned.