If Toni was in the All Black Camp, she'd be kept in with her calf injury!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 26 September 2023, 10:52AM

Toni receives an update on her calf injury, using rugby analogy. Jase hits the gym. Plus, we discuss having bare feet placed on your arm rest while on the plane - is that okay? 

00:30 Jase hits the gym

05:35 Toni's calf injury update

09:25 Bare feet on the plane

16:50 Interview with Heather Morris, Author of new released book: Sisters Under the Rising Sun  

20:40 What do you do with your receipts? 

24:40 Toni's son is a perfectionist 

27:30 Science yawn

30:40 Interview with Eric Murray, Great New Zeeland Tee Off 

34:25 Parmesan cheese, yes or no? 

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