Jase shares a song that can be good for your health ...

Publish Date
Tuesday, 17 October 2023, 10:57AM

What song can help our health (hint; we play it). Toni and her husband are in a disagreement in regard to the grocery, again.  Plus - we ask, is it okay to tell you partner they have let themself go? 

00:35 Letting yourself go

08:50 Toni's grocery disagreement

11:05 Song helping your health

13:45 Who we spend our time with

18:25 Labour weekend gardening 

21:00 Sam's science yawn 

23:00 Streaming services

29:40 Interview with Sam Low, 2022 MasterChef NZ winner 

37:30 Most common place to lose your phone 

38:20 TAB 10 million dollar winner

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