One of us is being very loose with their parenting

Publish Date
Thursday, 28 September 2023, 9:52AM

What age is suitable for sleepovers? A Best Man has done something despicable which has ended in mixed emotions. Plus, we are joined by Emily Perkins, author of new book Lioness.  

00:30 Sleepovers, what age are you letting your kids have a sleepover? 

03:10 The despicable Best Man 

09:20 Are we in shorts season yet?

12:05 Interview with Emily Perkins, author of Lioness 

15:30 Sam's winge on appliance pressure

19:20 Best travel tours

25:00 The item that got the whole neighbour at Toni's house

29:05 What do you arrive in other than a limo?

34:25 Interview with Igelese Ete, Sing Aotearoa

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