Toni's basketball game didn't end well ...

Publish Date
Thursday, 21 September 2023, 10:07AM

Yesterday we went to check out Costco for the first time, check out what we found. We were also joined by Jazz Thronton, Mental Health Activist. Plus, Jase had a mystery sound that he's noticed near his home - can you help?

00:40 Our trip to Costco 

07:00 Interview with Jazz Thronton, just released season 2 of Hope is Real podcast as well as being on this season's Celebrity Treasure Island. 

10:45 Toni's basketball game gone wrong 

14:20 42 and Furious - What did Sam hear this morning at 4am? 

17:15 Jase's 'secret' sound 

23:15 Swim Meet Mobile app - check it out 

26:40 Germiest job

29:40 Sam's must watch series on Netflix 

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