Toni's life is blending into the Mr Bean scene of Love Actually

Publish Date
Monday, 16 October 2023, 11:02AM

Toni's shares those moments where you're at an appointment and see something you're not expecting. Dutch Hormones, has anyone heard of that? Plus - we ask how soon is TOO soon to move on after a divorce? 

00:35 Noticing you're not expecting at an appointment

03:05 Dutch Hormones

05:45 How soon is TOO soon to move on?

13:15 Interview with Rikki Morris, just released 35th Anniversary Edition of "Nobody Else"

16:10 What goes wrong for Sam on Fridays

19:40 Interview with Jeff Wilson, NZ Rugby commentator 

24:10 Thumbs up or down for the weekend

28:20 Stories that sizzled 

32:35 Toni's life is like a movie 

36:25 Rosie's Roast

39:50 This or that, rectangle vs oblong

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