When our kids become the teachers

Publish Date
Monday, 19 February 2024, 9:43AM

Toni texts the wrong Tim - AGAIN! Is it time she deletes his number? Jase and Louise have a slight mix-up with their kids. Ozempic is taking over - we want to know your thoughts. We reflect on the times you swap roles with your kids, and they become the teachers. Plus, hear from Dr Louise Newson about HRT and menopause.

00:30 Toni texts the wrong Tim - AGAIN
03:00 When the kids become the teachers
08:45 HRT with Dr Louise Newson
13:10 Jase and Louise's wrong child mix-up
16:30 Ozempic
24:00 Matt gets Toni vanilla ice cream
26:20 Sam's son's new fancy water bottle
28:30 Stories that sizzle
32:00 How coffee could affect your lifespan

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