Toni, Jase & Sam share their Friday Journals

Publish Date
Friday, 9 February 2024, 10:50AM

Each week, Toni, Jase and Sam write a journal and choose their favourite entry to share with you. 

In case you missed it this Friday, we've got them right here for you to read! 



Dear Journal,

Wasn’t the summer break fantastic and fingers crossed we can still eek out at least another month or two of this beautiful weather – the Summer sports still have half of their seasons to play, the cricket, the tennis, the swimming. BUT and there is a BUT, this is SUCH a full on time of year. While everyone winds back into work, starts new schools, meets their new teachers and carries on with their Summers sports, the WINTER activities are starting to creep in – this never happened back when I was a kid, you had a break between the summer and winter activities. But here we are, It’s February and already the netball trials have started, the basketball try outs, rugby registrations are due, hockey and football are kicking in, the  musicals have listed their auditions. It’s utter chaos trying to stay on top of it all, so while I’m loving this summer heat, when the weather starts to cool down come April so too should this cluster of a time that we’re currently in .  



Dear journal,

As I've written before in these pages, I always try to find 3 things to be grateful for every single day. I find the more often I do it - the easier it gets and the more I have to be thankful for.
So it jarred me a wee bit when I read something in the news that said "positivity is OUT -petty indulgence is IN" and it said we should actually find time to whine and moan about things.

I'm not sure that's what the world needs - but I thought I'd give it a go to see if it DOES feel good to turn the "whining" into "why??"

Like WHY do we need to be blasted with the sound of the ads that are so much louder than the TV show we're watching?

WHY can my Wife see things I can't when I'm looking for them? My phone, the keys, something in the fridge, the kids' shoes ... she sees them in the exact places I just looked but couldn't see them

WHY do half my socks disappear when I wash them or dry them? They go IN as a pair - and only ONE comes out?

WHY does my shampoo and conditoner never run out at the same time?

And WHY is there fruit in a Hot Cross Bun? It ruins them.

I'm not sure I feel better after moaning - but what definitely HAS perked me up is the fact you can now buy hot cross buns withOUT fruit. See? Always something to be grateful for!



Dear journal,

Look it’s not the pool I dreamt of. It’s not an infinity lagoon pool. There’s no cascading water fall. There’s no descending beach entrance. It’s not self-cleaning or salt water chlorinated. 

We can’t all have Toni Streets pool. 

But you will be pleased it does have chlorine in it. I drilled some holes in a Sistema container and I tied to the inside of the Frame. So far we have only 1 kid showing signs of a minor inner ear infection. But yes we have a pool… $200 from mitre 10. It's 4m round…600m high and lives on the lawn…. it's literally the best $200 we’ve ever spent. 

The kids have hardly got out of it. And the best thing is… when the weather turns And it will… I’ll pack it up and put it in the shed. And then we will have room to play winter sports. 

Look, with the blow up spa and the rubber pool.. Our place looks like inflatable world. And if it does deflate… please spare a thought for my neighbours Sue & Marcus who currently live just below the water line of about 10 cubic meters of water. 


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