Toni Street reveals what she's calling her new puppy ...

Publish Date
Monday, 2 November 2020, 10:13AM

Last week, Toni Street surprised her children with the exciting news they were getting a puppy!

After initially telling Juliette, Mackenzie and Lachie they were going to the dentist, they were stunned to find a little Cavoodle (in case you're wondering; a Cavoodle is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle) puppy hiding in a box outside their front door.

Of course, the next big decision was what to name their adorable new addition.

After taking suggestions from our Coast listeners, the family has decided to call the red and white pooch Bear.

Taking to Instagram, Streety shared the cutest collection of photos of herself giving the pup a tummy rub.

In the pictures, Bear can be seen lying on his back as he enjoys the cuddles.

Alongside the snap, she wrote: "New nightly ritual - snuggling our newborn baby 'Bear'."

Too cute! We love his name!