This is the Ultimate Website to Support Local Buisnesses!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 12 May 2020, 3:40PM

New Zealanders are pretty clever, coming up with business ideas from sustainable caskets to Te Reo wrapping paper - or even a bit of luxury for your pet.

If you're in the market for pretty much anything, you'll likely find it on the 'New Zealand Made Products' Facebook page. After just three weeks it already has 400,000 members.

"We're probably getting about 2000 new requests or posts every day being submitted through the page," says Sarah Colcord, the founder of the page.

Colcord is a small business owner herself and wanted to offer Kiwi shoppers who are looking to buy local a way of connecting with New Zealand businesses.

"Most of them are going through a really challenging time right now, and as we move through the different levels, it becomes even more challenging," she says.

"This is about keeping Kiwis in jobs, so we want to see that the substantial transformation of that product happens here," he says.

Colcord hopes reading about the Kiwis behind the companies in more than 170,000 different posts will help.