WATCH: 92 Year Old, Muriel Halsted's Viral Scone Recipe

Publish Date
Tuesday, 5 May 2020, 2:35PM

For Muriel Halsted, being part of the world of social media isn't something she's ever given much thought to. The 92-year-old Country Women's Association member is too busy with her embroidery, crosswords, visiting family and cooking.

But it’s Mrs Halsted's time spent in the kitchen that’s led her, and her scone recipe, to reach every corner of the globe.

Since the video of her making her scones was first shared earlier this month, Mrs Halsted's phone has been ringing non-stop as viewers ask for tips on how to perfectly replicate her recipe.

Mrs Halsted has been a CWA member for more than seven decades but revealed her go-to scone recipe isn't from the archives.

"It's much more modern than the CWA recipe," she said.

"This one's the quickest and the easiest."

They Certainly Look incredible! You can follow the incredibly simple recipe below if you want to try them at home! 

Muriel's scone recipe:

  1. 1.Before you start, set your oven to 220 degrees
  2. 2.Measure out five cups of self-raising flour, then sift three times
  3. 3.Add a pinch of salt as you sift the flour
  4. 4.Fold in 300ml of cold cream
  5. 5.Add 300ml of lemonade
  6. 6.Keep folding the mixture together until the flour is all mixed in
  7. 7.Put onto a floured board, cut into desired sizes and brush with milk
  8. 8.Pop them into the oven for ten minutes or until golden brown, turning the tray once during cooking
  9. 9.Enjoy with butter, jam, cream, or whatever you like!