Arnott's announces its releasing three new Fully Loaded Shapes

Publish Date
Saturday, 15 October 2022, 9:48AM

We have some big snacking news to share ...

Arnott's has announced it's launching a new range of Shapes in New Zealand that are "Fully Loaded" with incredible flavour and the biggest crunch in the snack aisle.

Unlike traditional Shapes, the Shapes Fully Loaded range has crunch in every bite and comes in three tasty flavours, including Sizzling Meatlovers, Ultimate Cheese and Flame Grilled Chicken.

Kareena Franicevich, Shapes Brand Manager, said: "The new textures and flavours these Fully Loaded biscuits offer are different to traditional Shapes.

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"We hope Kiwi fans love crunching them as much as we do!"

The Fully Loaded range will be available at supermarkets nationwide from mid-October, for $3.50 a box.


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