Maltesers have released a popcorn flavoured malt chocolate and they are in NZ stores now!

Publish Date
Friday, 1 July 2022, 5:53PM

Watching movies at the cinema is an enjoyable experience for many reasons ... but, in particular, because of the snacks.

Putting a bag of chocolate into a hot bucket of popcorn and letting it become a delicious salty, buttery, melty mess is arguably one of the best parts of seeing a film.

And if you're like us and mix Maltesers with your popcorn while watching the big screen, the confectionary brand have released a new treat we know you're going to love!

Creating the perfect hybrid of the sweet and salty combo, popcorn flavoured Maltesers now exist and have reached New Zealand supermarket shelves.

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The bite-sized snacks will come with it's iconic malt balls and encased in a smooth "mouth-watering" popcorn flavoured milk chocolate outer layer.

And we are here for all the buttery deliciousness!