Meet New Zealand's very own "royal" family ...

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Friday, 10 May 2019, 2:15PM

The Stafford children never thought of themselves as being posh.

But now Charlotte, 11, Harry, 9, George, 7, and Archie, 4, are starting to think they must be, because it has become abundantly clear that even members of the royal family are naming their children after them.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle yesterday announced their newborn son's name was Archie, there was no one more surprised than Mosgiel parents Jack and Jo Stafford.

"It's a royal flush — what are the chances?"

Jo Stafford said they had not intended to give their children royal names.

(Clockwise, from left) George, 7, Charlotte, 11, Harry, 9, and Archie, 4, Stafford hold images of their royal namesakes. Photo / Peter McIntosh

"It was just a fluke. We've always just really loved those names.

"First, Prince George came along, then Princess Charlotte — which we thought was just a coincidence. But now Archie ... " she said.

"Once again, like when all the other recent royal babies were named, the first thing I woke up to was the dinging of my phone, with messages from friends who have all heard the news before me.

"We've had a lot of laughs over this."

She said Archie was very excited he had the same name as a British royal, and to celebrate, he built himself a crown.

Asked if they planned to have another baby, Stafford said no. But if they did, she would name it Lucy or Freddie. Based on their luck so far, the chances were very high the name would be that of the next royal baby, she joked.


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