Mum shares her super simple hack for making a no-sew mask out of a sock

Publish Date
Wednesday, 12 August 2020, 1:58PM

All New Zealanders are now encouraged to wear masks when social distancing isn't possible, while Aucklanders have been told to wear them whenever they're outside of their home.

If you haven't bought a mask, there's no need to panic because it turns out there's a super simple way to make them at home using nothing but a sock.

One savvy mum has gone viral with her quick and easy hack to make your own facemask.

Safia Aggoune, a dancer from Amsterdam, took to her Tik Tok account to demonstrate how to make the mask with just a few simple incisions in a sock.

The mother-of-one starts by holding a sock upside down, before trimming half of the foot off.

Once she has an even distance between the top of the sock and the foot from the heel, she slices the sock down the side and opens it up.

Holding it so it forms a rough rectangle with the heel in the centre, Safia then folds it in half horizontally.

She cuts a slit into both sides, about 2cm from the edges before opening it back up.

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Using the slits as an elastic, she fastens it behind her ears.

How to make a face mask with a sock in five easy steps:
Hold a single sock upside down and cut half of the foot section off
When you have an even space from the heel to both ends of the sock, cut it open down the middle
Fold it open flat with the heel area in the centre
Make two incisions two cm from both sides
Use the slits to clip the mask around your ears

Better living, everyone!