Parents are going crazy over this new couch topper from Kmart for the most genius reason!

Publish Date
Friday, 3 May 2019, 2:27PM

Being messy is part of being a child.

But as a parent and/or grandparent, nothing is more frustrating!

We're all about finding ways to make family life better and, thanks to one Australian mum, we've found the perfect way to keep your couch clean from sticky fingers and food once and for all.

Taking to a popular Facebook group, the mother-of-two revealed she has been using a pet couch topper from Kmart to keep her furniture clean from her messy sons.

"I just couldn’t handle any more drinks and food spilt on the couch," she wrote on the post.

"Suddenly, inspiration hit and I decided to get one each for my two boys. I’m tired of pulling the couch apart to wash it, and covering it with blankets only seems to last a day, so thought I’d try this."

"The kids love it, they don’t know it’s a pet bed," she added.

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The "genius" post instantly went viral, collecting more than 5,200 likes in just two days!

The quilted polyester fabric comes in a stylish grey tone that is bang on trend, looks super stylish and has a protective polypropylene bottom.

And priced at just $20 - it's a no brainer!