This bride is being slammed for her "inappropriately risqué" wedding dress

Publish Date
Wednesday, 24 April 2019, 6:38PM

As we all know, the internet full of trolls.

While weddings are usually a time to celebrate love, one bride is has been attacked over the dress she wore for her big day, with many claiming it is too risque for the special occasion.

A photo, taken from behind the bride as she shares a sweet smooch with her groom, shows off the back of the dress ... and, well, it is a VERY low back.

The dress has an open back that slopes down into a sweetheart line around the bottom, with some illusion tulle and beading - which social media users have branded "bottom cleavage".

"Cut seems a little low?" wrote one user.

"Butt crack is the new cleavage?" asked another.

A third added: "I don’t care how hot you are, showing the tip of your butt crack is NEVER a good look!"

What do you think? Is this style of wedding dress appropriate to walk down the aisle in?