Disney fans are disappointed with the unreleased Aladdin film after seeing THIS clip from the movie ...

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Wednesday, 15 May 2019, 2:43PM

Disney’s live-action remake of the hit animated classic Aladdin is set to hit cinemas later this month.

But there’s one clip that has been released from the film that has fans majorly disappointed.

A new glimpse of Will Smith singing the iconic song 'Prince Ali' has been unveiled and left people online completely divided.

The minute-long video left many on Twitter complaining that is was "boring" and not has high-energy and up-tempo has the original scene from the 1992 cartoon.

Others pointed out that the snippet seemed "lifeless" and "flat", leaving many feeling disappointed with Smith's performance in the highly regarded role made famous by the late Robin Williams.

Another commenter on Twitter suggested that they should have gotten a Bollywood director to breathe life into the film properly.

Here is the song from the original movie by comparison:

However, there were still Aladdin fans that admitted they didn’t mind the scene and still can’t wait to see the movie in full once it’s released.

"Maybe this segment will work better within the context of the film," one Twitter user reasoned.

Another added that people needed to give Will Smith’s Genie more of a "chance".

This isn’t the first time controversy has surrounded the upcoming live-action Aladdin.

Fans were also divided after the first images of Will Smith has the Genie was unveiled – with some stating that it was the stuff of "nightmares".

Aladdin hits New Zealand cinemas on May 23.