The Chase's Shaun Wallace leaves Bradley Walsh confused with his terrible E.T impression

Publish Date
Friday, 18 October 2019, 11:49AM

The Chase's Shaun Wallace should stick to his day job!

The unstoppable quiz titan - who's best known as "The Dark Destroyer" - left Bradley Walsh scratching his head after he performed a little impersonation for the live studio audience.

As a contestant lost to the popular Chaser, Shaun pointed at the contestant and said: "Bye-bye, bye-bye. The exits over there."

Unsure of what the brainiac was doing, Bradley asked: "Are you Ebenezer Scrooge now?"

To which Shaun replied: "That was John Gielgud playing E.T in the National Theatre remake."

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Fans took to Twitter to compliment the Chaser's on his hilarious impression.

One wrote: "Think Shaun has been on my sherry!"

While another shared: "Shaun's making me laugh like a good 'un today!"