These two Matakana cats ride horses!

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Friday, 27 January 2017, 3:41PM

Matakana, just north of Auckland, is usually known for its vibrant Saturday markets and artisan producers, but it may just have two new star attractions.

Half Ragdoll, half Siamese brothers Leonardo and Romeo are not your average cats.

"They both ride the horses and the sheep," said owner Lily Marcroft.

Leo and his brother Romeo are two very mischievous felines who have developed the unique skill out of necessity.

"Last winter when we took the ponies for a walk down the paddock the cats followed along and Leo jumped onto Fifi just to get out of the wet grass," Marcroft said.

Since then, the cats have extended their riding skills to other unsuspecting farm animals.

'At first we thought it was just a one off," Marcroft said.

"Once Leo jumped onto a sheep, my pet sheep."

Marcroft is now making life even cushier for the frisky felines.

"I've got a little saddle made... he seems to like it cause it's comfy."

"I show my miniature horses in horse shows around the area."

Although there are currently no competitions to show the horses and cats together she would love to do so in future.

- NZ Herald