Young contestant on The Chase flukes his way to £50,000!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 23 January 2019, 11:55AM

Typically younger contestants on The Chase don't seem to do as well as their older counterparts, but Ryan's chase wasn't a typical one.

The young Greyhound trainer is a self-confessed gambler, so after he only managed to accumulate £5000 in the cash builder round, the £50,000 that he was presented with was too good to miss.

Though Ryan didn't possess the confidence that it usually takes to get out with the bigger number, luck was on his side.


Ryan managed to guess the correct Icelandic translation of 'goodbye', missed a question about Phil Mustard's nickname, correctly guessed one about Ninja Turtles, and fluked three more questions before coming across the difficult postcode one.

No one could believe what had just happened - especially Paul! 

After guessing his way through the round, the young gambler managed to take £50,000 through to the final chase.

Unfortunately, Richard and Ryan only answered 14 questions correctly and Paul caught up with them with about one minute to spare.

What an amazing effort!